A multicolored mosaic

Mexico is a multicolored mosaic where the ancestral folklore of the peoples coexists with unbridled modernization. The entire country is impregnated with a historical miscegenation that gives it a unique character and an overflowing cultural richness.

The traditional clothing of the indigenous people, the architectural and artistic expressions of the colonial era and the green landscapes tinged with the blue of its rivers, lakes and waterfalls, show that if there is one feature that characterizes this country, it is undoubtedly its color.

Starting from the bombastic and bustling Mexican capital, Mexico D.F., we will visit its colonial cities, the state of Chiapas and the state of Yucatán, ending the tour at the paradisiacal beaches of the Riviera Maya. We will immerse ourselves Mexico’s past and get to know its rich cultural heritage through its archaeological sites, churches and convents. We will explore some ecological reserves and we will witness first-hand how life passes in its towns and cities.

Mexico has something special. The more you know about it, the more you want to know about it.

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