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The purpose of this information, rules, and conditions (known as Legal Notice) is to regulate, as far as applicable, the use of the website(s) that Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. makes available to the public in order to comply with the legal obligations in this respect.

This Legal Notice was modified on 02/01/2024.

ABOUT Viajes Andrómeda, S.A.


Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. operates in the network, to offer its services, with the following domains.


considering as the main domain.

VERY IMPORTANT Some services offered on the site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., accessible to Internet users, may be subject to particular conditions and instructions which, where applicable, replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice and which must be accepted by the User before the corresponding service is provided. This is particularly applicable in cases where reservations are made or services or products are contracted, in which case the content of the general conditions of travel (identified as GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTING in the corresponding pages) must be applied.


The activity of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. is that of a travel agency, the purpose of our website being to offer our services through the Internet to receive information and offer travel, customer service, sales, etc.

Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. reserves the right to modify at any time the present conditions of use, as well as any other particular conditions.

Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. makes every effort within its means to offer the information contained in its websites truthfully and without typographical errors. In the event that at any time an error of this type should occur, which is at all times beyond the control of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., it will be corrected immediately upon becoming aware of it, and it will not be possible to accept any type of responsibility derived from the damages that may derive from the errors or omissions of the information contained in the sites.

If any clause included in these general conditions were to be declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall only affect said provision or the part of the same that is null or ineffective, and the general conditions shall subsist in all the rest, such provision being considered, or the part of the same that is affected, as not put.


In compliance with art. 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, we inform you that Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., Avinguda Diagonal, 618 4º E, 08021 Barcelona, Spain with NIF A58325275, is registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, in the volume 8310, book 7563, sheet 95091.
The owner of this website is Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., registered with the Generalitat de Catalunya with the code GCMD 000198.

You can contact us, in addition to being at your disposal in our offices, using the following means:


The access and/or use of the site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. by a person attributes the condition of USER to that person. The USER accepts, for the use of and access to the different sites of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., the General Conditions of Use of the site(s) Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. presented below.

The User of the site(s) Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. must carefully read this Legal Notice each time he intends to use them, as they and the conditions of use contained in this Legal Notice may have changed.

CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. sites

The site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. offer access to various contents (services, information, data, etc.). The USER assumes responsibility for the use of the Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. site(s) on his/her part. Therefore, it is the responsibility, commitment, and obligation of the user to make appropriate use of the contents and services that Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. offers through the Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. site(s):

  • Engage in illicit or illegal activities according to the European and Spanish legal system.
  • Violate Spanish and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.
  • Disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal, apology of terrorism or offensive against human rights.
  • Causing damage to the computer systems of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. of its suppliers or third parties.
  • Introduce or disseminate malicious software, computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the damage mentioned in the previous point.
  • Attempt to access or, as the case may be, use the accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their data.


The site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. do not contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for minors. However, minors under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the site, and it is recommended that, where appropriate, the use be supervised by a legal guardian or adult. In no case should children under 14 years of age provide Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. with personal data, their own or that of relatives.

In order to respect the legislation in force Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. prohibits the contracting or reservation of products and/or services to minors under 18 years of age or legally incapacitated.



The USER is solely responsible for any infringements that may be incurred or damages that may be caused by the improper use of the site(s) Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., leaving Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. exonerated from any kind of liability that may arise from the actions of the USER.


In order to access certain services, it is necessary to be a REGISTERED USER. It is the responsibility of the USER the custody of the password used to avoid the usurpation of his identity in the sites Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. to which he had access by his condition of registered user.

Likewise, the user declares that all the personal information provided by him for access to the site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. and during the use thereof, is true, complete, and accurate and he undertakes to keep it updated in the successive uses he may make of the services offered.

The sending and forwarding of data carried out by the user through the Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. website or the information it sends is protected by the most modern electronic security techniques on the network. Also, the data supplied and stored in our databases are also protected by security systems that prevent access by unauthorized third parties to them. Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. makes its best efforts to have the most updated systems for the effectiveness of these security systems.


All the elements that make up the website, as well as its structure, design, and source code, are owned by Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. and are protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations.

The total or partial reproduction of the contents of this website, as well as its modification and/or distribution without mentioning its origin or requesting prior authorisation, is prohibited.
Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. will not assume any responsibility derived from the use by third parties of the content of the website and may exercise all civil or criminal actions that correspond in case of infringement of these rights by the user.


This Web includes links that allow the User to access other Internet pages external to the site(s) of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. In the event that the USER uses these links, Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. informs the USER that it does not exercise any type of control over these sites, their contents and the possibility of compiling information on their activities on the Internet, including those carried out on our own site.

In no event shall Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to a third-party website, nor shall it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, breadth, veracity, validity and legality of any material or information contained in any of the said hyperlinks or other Internet sites.

If any user is aware that the links refer to pages whose content or services are illegal, harmful, denigrating, violent or immoral, please contact Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. indicating so, and proceed to remove the link.

All activity carried out on sites not owned by Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. is regulated by its own rules and conditions, so we recommend that, before use, users are informed about it in the legal notice sections, or similar, on sites outside the direct control of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A.


In all aspects, the rules of use of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. are governed by Spanish law. The language used to draft and understand this legal notice is Spanish. No individual copy of this legal notice is kept for each user, but will always be available online at Viajes Andrómeda, S.A.

In case of any dispute or claim related to this text or any activity of Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., users have the option to submit to the Consumer Arbitration System, in which Viajes Andrómeda, S.A. participates. However, to resolve disputes related to activities that require membership, users should refer to the appropriate body of the relevant bar association.

If users meet the definition of consumers or users under Spanish law and reside in the European Union, and experience problems with an online purchase made on Viajes Andrómeda, S.A., they may seek out-of-court resolution through the Online Dispute Resolution Platform, established by the European Union and developed by the European Commission pursuant to Regulation (EU) 524/2013.

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