Embark on an exciting adventure exploring one of the most astonishing polar regions on the planet: the Arctic or Antarctica. Each of these vast and remote areas offers unique experiences that will leave you amazed and awestruck during a memorable expedition cruise.

On a journey through the Norwegian Arctic, you’ll encounter the Svalbard archipelago, the northernmost inhabited place on Earth. The months of May and June are ideal for visiting this destination, where ice takes center stage and daylight persists for 24 hours. Here, you can witness spectacular landscapes that include icebergs, ice-covered fjords, glacial valleys, and the magical Northern Lights. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to observe abundant wildlife and, of course, the majestic polar bear.

If you travel to Greenland between July and August, you’ll experience the two sides of this Arctic region. In the north, you’ll discover astounding landscapes and gigantic icebergs calving off imposing cliffs. Visit Alpefjord and Brogetdal to appreciate icebergs in all shapes and sizes, and take hikes in Blomsterbugten and Renbugten for experiences you’ll never forget. In southern Greenland, we suggest immersing yourself in Inuit culture in picturesque towns like Qaqortoq and Narsaq. Sail to the glacial camp of Qaleraliq, at the foothills of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and enjoy Zodiac excursions to observe the impressive glacier located in the Qooroq Fjord.

There are other expedition cruises that will take you to the Antarctic Peninsula, a fascinating territory known for its incredible glacial landscapes and biodiversity. You’ll be able to witness the grandeur of icebergs, spot whales in their natural habitat, and even walk among penguin colonies in places like the South Shetland Islands, a volcanic archipelago with breathtaking views. In the South Georgia Islands, admire the king penguin and the macaroni penguin, and in the Weddell Sea, fall in love with its floating ice fields and leopard seals.

One of the advantages of these expedition cruises is that they are conducted on smaller vessels than usual, allowing access to hard-to-reach areas and offering a more exclusive journey with fewer passengers.

Every day, before dinner, educational talks are organized, related to the wonders that await you on the next outing.

Expert guides will also accompany you on all excursions on foot, in 4×4 vehicles, or in Zodiacs, depending on the itinerary and weather conditions. These journeys, which invite you to immerse yourself even further in the pristine and wild beauty of the Arctic and Antarctica, are a way to get closer to specific corners that would otherwise be inaccessible. Additionally, some of the state-of-the-art ships sailing the waters of Greenland are equipped with helicopters, giving you the opportunity to take a panoramic flight over extraordinary landscapes.

Any of these polar destinations will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Ready to set sail?

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