Riding the Dragon

Indochina is a peninsula located in the south of the Asian continent, between India and China. It is made up of different countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand. On this route we suggest you visit the first two : Vietnam and Cambodia Two names with warlike resonances still very close in time, but completely removed from the spirit and current reality of both nations.

You will find a living land with cities brimming with people of diverse ethnicities and cultures. An incredible traffic in which peasant carts and swarms of bicycles are mixed to the brim with motorcycles that transport entire families. Ah! And markets, many markets, floating or not, but always active and alive, authentic.

You will find color, noise, chaos … and then feel the peace in temples and palaces forgotten by time, on a boat trip on the Mekong or contemplating the endless green rice fields. Much calmer awaits you on the almost virgin beaches of this region, beautiful enclaves that, for sure, you will love.

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