Tour of the American West

There are destinations classified as essential, destinations that are part of a traveling wardrobe and that cannot be missing on your list of trips to do. One of them is the American West, an icon of our global civilization that we should all visit in some time in our life.

The common thread of this adventure is the Wild West, formerly known as “Far West”, but understood in a geographical sense, because the truth is that … we do not remember any western movie with the San Francisco Bay in the background! This tour of the American West is a city-country-city trip, adapted for family groups. It is intended as a long itinerary, although, as always, it can be shortened to size.

We will start by getting to know San Francisco, a guaranteed success for everyone (children, adults and seniors). It is a city where anything can happen and where you can see everything, but in the end the conclusion is clear and unequivocal: you like it, or you like it. If you want to know more about this city and its surroundings, you can ask us for the program: Five days in San Francisco.

Later, we will greet our friend Yogi and go to the splendid Grand Canyon. We will stay in the amazing city of Las Vegas and we will have the opportunity to visit Hollywood and San Diego, a place chosen by many top-level professionals to enjoy their splendid retirement.

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