Malay Spell

When traveling to Malaysia you will discover how modernity and tradition come together in the same country. In this destination, you will see how the tallest skyscrapers, the most advanced technology and a very high level of sanitation contrast with tribes that live exclusively on what they hunt and fish and with artisans who, even today, continue to preserve centuries-old practices.

Malaysia is a passionate mix of races and religions that coexist in acceptable peace and harmony. The most important ethnic groups are the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. In Sabah and Sarawak, however, there are dozens of indigenous ethnic groups, all with their own culture and artistic heritage.

If to all this cultural and anthropological baggage we add dream islands with white beaches and intact reefs, along with tropical forests with some of the most exotic plants and animals in the world, we can say that this country offers us a little of everything.

In Malaysia you will come across wet jungles, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, and new culinary sensations. It has an architecture that combines different styles, a multi-ethnic culture, magnificent hotels, excellent communications and tax-free shopping.

It is impossible not to get hypnotised by the charm of Malaysia, yet we are sure that you will not want to avoid it either.

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