Polar ice mountains

You know how we travel consultants like to stage itineraries. There is always something that is” the greatest “or” the most beautiful “or” the least … “. In this case we are facing the largest island in the world after Australia.

Greenland, so to speak, is like a gigantic wholesale ice factory. The role of ice in this region is such that even one of its small towns is named Ilulissat, “iceberg” in Greenlandic. It is precisely in this area that most of the icebergs in the northern hemisphere emerge.

In this remote and cold region you will find the indigenous Inuit culture. Inuit is the word with which its inhabitants are usually called and which is translated as “the people” and not as “Eskimo”, the way in which this people is erroneously and popularly known. The Inuits have a different way of understanding life, and it makes sense given that it is a place where practically half of the year is bright as day and the other is dark as night.

Greenland is a corner of the planet that remains wild, that preserves its authenticity and that is hardly overcrowded. If you ever travel to this destination, countless frozen mountains, huge fjords, beautiful colorful houses and a multitude of glaciers will be waiting for you that will never cease to amaze you with every step you take.

From Andrómeda Viajes we have designed an unforgettable experience for lovers of cold and inaccessible territories. If you are one of them, you can discover this paradise in an itinerary divided into three sections that must be done with three domestic trips by plane. You can also go on select excursions and take a helicopter ride. An excellent adventure that will surely be worth it!

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