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Morocco, despite being relatively close (a couple of hours depending from and where you travel to), is one of those destinations that, due to its cultural differences, give the feeling of having flown very far. Some of its most important cities that stand out for their charm and popularity are the following:

In Fez you will be able to appreciate the true Moroccan essence. Here you can see its medina (declared a World Heritage Site), stroll through its labyrinthine streets, visit its many medersas (Koranic schools), contemplate the Al Karaouine Mosque, see how life goes on in its souks, walk through the craftsmen’s neighborhoods and discover one of the most striking places in the medina, the Chouara tannery.

In Marrakech, its visible contrast between the ancient and modern world is striking. This magical city brimming with history and culture stands out for the bustling atmosphere of the medina, which is concentrated in the Jemaa el Fna square and in the many colorful markets. If you are in Marrakech and you want to spend a night in a riad (old houses restored and converted into hotels), there are high-quality options.

Meknes is a city very similar to Fez, although much smaller and more rustic. It is characterized by being very quiet and being surrounded by fertile fields that extend under the Middle Atlas. Its history and its buildings are well worth a stop along the way. We suggest you see the El Hedim square, the Bou Inania madrasa, the Mulay Ismaíl mausoleum and the Bab-el-Mansour, the great gateway to the medina built in 1732.

To the south of Morocco is Ouarzazate, a city that is called the Gate of the Desert because it is the last town we find before the Sahara. It is famous for hosting one of the largest film studios in the world, the Atlas Studios. From this point, we recommend heading to the Merzouga desert. Along the way you will pass through the Todra Gorge and you will have the opportunity to visit the towns of Errachidia and Erfoud, where you can stay in a kasbah (a typical building of Moroccan architecture built with adobe and wood).

Casablanca is the economic capital of the country and represents the most modern Morocco. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 80 km south of Rabat, it has some of the largest mosques on the planet. Western influence is visible everywhere. It has beautiful buildings that combine French colonial design and traditional Moroccan style.

Do not miss the visit to the most curious city in the region, Chefchaouen. Located in the Rif mountains, this town has the peculiarity of being painted blue. Hence it is called the “blue pearl” of Morocco. You will love visiting the Uta al-Hammam square, the Great Mosque, the Alcazaba and the Kasbah, an imposing fully walled medieval fortress.


An essential trip to do in Morocco is the gastronomic one. Enjoy trying the couscous, chicken tagine, kefta, chickpea hummus, khubz bread and of course sweets like baklava that you can accompany with a mint tea.

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